ALPHA PORT SQ – SUCCESS STORY IN INDIA Eight filling lines of the world's largest vaccine manufacturer from India equipped with alpha Ports SQ

Ochsenhausen, Apr 04, 2020  – In 2018 castus® launched the new alpha Port SQ product line, the rapid transfer port for contamination-free loading and unloading of components from isolators. Since then, RTPs manufactured by the German company castus® have been successfully implemented in the pharmaceutical industry to bring components sterilely into isolators. Eight filling lines of the world's largest vaccine manufacturer were equipped with the latest generation of alpha Ports SQ. The eighth filling line has now been equipped with alpha Ports SQ.

RTPs are developed under the aspect of hygenic-design to meet the high quality requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.The system is based on the interaction of two separate units: The alpha Port is located on a surface (e.g. the isolator wall) and consists of a door, a lip seal and a flange.

The beta Port, the mobile part, consists of a door, lip seal and a flange connected to a container. Both ports are connected by rotation to form a closed unit. The beta Transfer Container is docked to the alpha Port by a 60° rotation so that both parts are hermetically sealed by a lip seal. This safe transfer system is called “Rapid Transfer Port”, and is used today in numerous applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

Maintaining the containment is essential during transfer processes, ensuring both user security and the integrity of the process in the system. A specially developed safety system - the castus® safety interlock system - ensures that the alpha Port can only be opened when the beta Transfer Container is correctly docked.

The filling line in India is equipped with a beta Liquid Container for the transfer of the vaccines. The fully autoclavable Liquid Transfer Container can easily be docked to the alpha Port SQ. In addition, castus® has provided a Drawer System that enables the safe transfer of sensitive components.

castus® develops customer-specific solutions that are significantly more flexible and innovative than standard products on the market. Together with Pharmalab, the company offers Indian customers consistently innovative product solutions.