component processing systems Stopper and cap processing


Welcome to castus The stopper processing specialist HANAG has joined our group

We are delighted to inform you that HANAG Steriltechnik AG has been integrated into castus.

As of March 31, 2021, castus (Germany/Ochsenhausen) became the new owner of HANAG Steriltechnik AG (Oberwil/Switzerland), with the transfer of the entire employees and HANAG customers.


Cleaned. Sterilised. Dried. Stopper handling with the Component Processing System (CPS) for pharmaceutical primary packaging

castus, one of the world's leading manufacturers of transfer systems, has joined forces with the stopper processing specialist HANAG, based in Oberwil. Henceforth, castus sterile systems GmbH & Co. KG will bundle the production of stopper handling systems within the castus group.

The Component Processing System (CPS) includes the following process steps: Washing, siliconising, sterilising, drying and cooling. The sterile and efficient manufacturing process is not interrupted. Seamlessly the system fits into the filling process for aseptic transfer.

Easy handling of the Component Processing System (CPS) Load, process and transfer of stoppers and caps

The system consists of four main components:

The container on its trolley, the loading station, the processing unit and the lifting mechanism. It constantly provides sterile stoppers, while handling is facilitated by simple docking at different stations. 

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Technical data Special requests possible on request

Capacity: Variable process volume up to 350 litres

Operational scenario: Stopper and cap processing, filling lines for vials, carpules and syringes




Interface: Open system interface technology for unloading into any container



Reduction of particles to a minimum


Smooth treatment


Homogeneous silicone distribution


High drying efficiency


High process reliability


Unloading options for any environment

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